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"What I really like about Yiannis is his positive approach, he encourages me into creative and new ways of thinking and helps me remain focused on deciding  on what I believe are  right approaches to work towards my goals"

- A.S., Smart Buildings Workplace Strategy Director, Jones Lang LaSalle (May 2019)

"Yiannis supported me through a journey towards finding a great role"

- ZPF,  Strategy Consultancy MD (June 2019)

"Yiannis has a knack for asking questions until I come to certain realisations myself about my behaviour or repeating patterns in my career which has caused me to experience various disappointments in the past. He has guided me to my own conclusions and helped shed light on things I knew intrinsically but were buried beneath the surface. He has challenged me on beliefs that have been holding me back, but always with a supportive tone that makes me feel like I was capable of anything. He pushes me to measure each outcome, to ‘trust but verify’, and holds me accountable to trying ‘experiments’ with a plan of action. I always feel like Yiannis picks up every word I say, despite sometimes having to fill him in on the boring backstory of my firm’s politics, and he quickly grasps the context of situations that I describe to him. The impact of his coaching over the last 5 months has been positive feedback from my manager (i.e. I am on my way to an ‘exceeding expectations’ end-of-year review), and general comments from my colleagues that I seem happier, more hopeful, and enthusiastic about making small changes to improve my day-to-day, which is a complete 180-turn from the position I was  in January this year. I would 10/10 recommend Yiannis to my HR department and /or any of my colleagues that endeavour to fine-tune the direction of their careers." I.P., BNY Mellon Investments  (July 2019) 

"Yiannis' approach really worked for me - he is methodical and thorough, while allowing me to come up with the solutions myself. I felt a renewed sense of motivation after every meeting with Yiannis, and felt confident and able to achieve even my most ambitious goals. His passion is contagious and his sincerity is unique." S.E, Engagement Manager, Strategy Consultancy (Aug 2019)

A bit about me:

I began coaching when I was based in London in Shell’s newly-formed renewable energy business and where I was leading a project to decide how to govern start-ups in a blue-chip company. I found my interest growing about how to deal with challenges and continue personal and professional growth in the work-place.

In my role there, I was one step removed from operational management and found that the key skills that I needed were persuasion and an ability to build consensus. I undertook Henley’s Professional Certificate in Coaching Programme ) in order to help bring a coaching culture in the organisation and ventures and I found coaching as an approach to leadership development both hugely stimulating and effective.

I really enjoy helping support people and their teams who have their own unique challenges in a variety of different organisations and industries.


Feel free to schedule a session with me by using the contact form below.

Coaching training
  • Professional Certificate in Coaching - a post-graduate course from Henley Business School. Completed - awaiting final assessment. 

Coaching memberships and regulated authorities

1. Member of the Association for Coaching (AC) (certificate) # 57610111

2. Awarded Accredited Foundation Executive Coach from the Association for Coaching (certificate)

3. Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)(certificate) # 009339653I

4. Awarded Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation (certificate)

5. Studying Member of The Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS) # M1435

6. Member of the Henley Centre of Coaching (HCC) # 27023764 (certificate of attendance)

7. Affiliate Member of Europe-wide European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) # M87963


8. Awarded EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA) and professional designation at Practitioner level #EIA20193431 (certificate

Professional Indemnity 

Underwritten by Hiscox Underwriting Limited for the period 6th April 2019 to 5th April 2020 (Certificate)

Public & Products Liability - £10m

Professional Indemnity and Malpractice Insurance up to £2m



Coaching is a collaborative, equal partnership with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to increase their self-awareness and decision-making confidence with a view to maximise their personal and professional potential. 


My role is to support, encourage through a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire you towards maximising your personal and professional potential. I seek to serve you as a sounding board and to help you to access your best thinking, discover resources that you have and make more use of your capabilities, in order to achieve your objectives.


When appropriate, I will challenge you in order to clarify situations and question self-limiting beliefs or unhelpful patterns of thoughts or behaviour.

It’s a tailored process of professional and personal learning and development which is focused around:

  • Clarity and focus: The creation of clear and attainable goals

  • Discovery and self-awareness: Discovering new insights and figuring out how best to achieve them

  • Determining actions: Distilling which resources both inside and outside your organisation process

  • Outcome accountability: Developing methods for monitoring progress and keeping on track


Five principles underpin what I believe are effective coaching:

1) Client agenda:

your perspective and the context in which you operate in is always the starting point

focus solely on you and your situation, your goals and desired outcomes in confidence

2) Future-focused:

the overall emphasis is on moving forward rather than on the past

3) Non-directive:

my coaching seeks to draw out ideas and solutions from you; I may offer some thoughts if appropriate, but I will not prescribe or advise on any particular course of action

4) Self-sufficiency:

my coaching leaves you with sufficient self-awareness, skills and tools to continue to develop on your own beyond our coaching relationship.

I am not a therapist or psychoanalyst, but as your coach, I will need to know a little about your life outside work and the issues that you are experiencing beyond your job in order for both of us to take a more rounded view and for me to work with you as fully as possible.

5) Chemistry, partnership and trust: 

A free informal conversation is arranged to see if the chemistry is right between us and see if there is the right chemistry between us. If there is an agreement to start the coaching, it is helpful to define the goals,  objectives and plan for reviewing the progress of achievement are then agreed. 


Typically, I will agree on a fixed fee which will include our coaching meetings, input sessions, review meetings and non-contact preparation time for our coaching sessions (which may include the design of exercises, materials, reading lists, preparation and/or review of feedback reports, interviews etc). We will monitor the time allocation together to ensure that you are getting the best value for yourself, with the option to extend the timeframe that we work with each other. I will also develop a means to assess the effectiveness of the work we are doing, against milestones or time-periods. If requested, this can also be used for the creation of a business case for coaching in your organisation. 

The one-on-one sessions focus on a personalised approach discussing skills, knowledge, personality preferences and work performance.  During these sessions, we may discuss sensitive areas around management and leadership style. We will then discuss how these styles impact key stakeholders as well as exploring relevant impacts this has on business outcomes. 


My experience of management and leadership is present in my coaching, but I make use of it largely by keeping it in the background and as a stimulus for stretching your performance to its full potential. 


The agreement concludes with a development plan to ensure the growth and development of the coachee continues after the coaching.

Typical topics:

-board effectiveness 


-personal impact and gravitas



-team development

-managing time

-work/life balance


-decision making

-building organisational goodwill and trust

-leadership competency development

-people survey responses

Ways I can help you:

- brainstorming

- facilitating a discussion with your team

-shadowing or observation

-preparing or rehearsing presentations

-immediate quick-help on a real-time, burning issue

What you can expect from me:

-listen and question with genuine curiosity, to provide transparent and honest feedback and provide support and challenge that facilitate the achievement of your goals. I may also help you brainstorm, provide tools and/or support the seeking and collection of input from other people. 

-encourage you to rise to challenges, generate creative solutions for overcoming  hurdles and to move to action

- to review progress with you at regular intervals and to make adjustments as appropriate

In return, I will expect you to:

- be committed to the coaching process, which means contributing to our discussions in an open and honest manner and keeping to any agreements for action that you make during our meetings.
- to be open to trying out new ideas, to having your assumptions tested and your thinking challenged and to engage in what I hope will be an enjoyable and rewarding process.
- to let me know if something is not working for you or if you have any concerns so that I can address them: the strength of coaching depends on the trust and openness that exists between us.


At your choice, I am happy to meet you at your office or at the Institute of Directors in Piccadilly. I am also available remotely through Zoom.